Rock Divers Costa Rica is a unique experience in the Guanacaste province of Costa Rica. We are located in Playas Del Coco, in the heart of the North Pacific. Whether you are experienced or new to diving, we all know it's about the love of the ocean, and the unknown world that surrounds us.

The Staff at Rock Divers has been diving these many dive sites for many years. That's why it's so much fun to be with anyone who loves to dive or is willing to venture into a new experience , one that you will never forget. We also love learning with our dive buddies. Each plunge into the sea is a learning experience for the old and the new.

Once you have ventured this far, it's all up to us to make it a pleasurable experience, for the whole family from diving to snorkeling. Any other request is possible if we work together. Rock Divers is all about TEAM WORK.


/ Our Vision

RockDivers is here to engage you in the wonderful world of Scuba Diving. We love to teach the young and old. We want you to love the ocean like we do and see the other 70% of our world which is made up of water. Our visitors to RockDivers are special to us. They come from all corners of our planet to be part of something unique. We make it a point not to go to the same dive sites every day. We are creating a “Curated” diving experience highly personalized to you. We have a network of local Captains and other sea faring professionals that keep an extra set of eyes on all the good spots. So we can enjoy and explore together. 


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Los Canales Frente Pulpuria Isabel Porton Verde,
Playas del Coco, CR 50503
Office Phone: (506) 2670 0110
Mobile Phone: (506) 8369 4836